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Dog Show Testimonials 2


From: Mohammed 

 Contact: citylockbullies@yahoo.com

 Sent: Mon, 07 May 2012 01:26 PM

First off I must say that I tried all kinds of different products and Green Rhino was the best and worth every penny. I have all of my dogs on it and noticed a big difference within a few days. Here is a picture of my boy "SMALLZ" he placed 1st in his class and best male. I must say that GRP had him looking so good in the show ring! He was just short of the 30 days at the first show and yet he has nice weight now with a shiny coat, he also muscled up with a lot of energy. Then I took him to another ABKC show about 3 weeks later, he won 1st place, 1st place in class, best pocket male, best overall, and best winner. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a healthy looking dog. Stay tuned and watch out for SMALLZ aka Lil Pun the next ABKC CH. Check us out www.citylockbullies.co

Mohammed Khan
PH # 407-394-5483



After: 30 Days

After the 1st  Show


After the 2nd  Show  


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